Metrology and Associated Laboratories

In order to sustain research, development, and training in metrology, facilities are maintained to manufacture components at the required levels. For critical measurement, many instruments are housed in a 1500 sq. ft. controlled environment, 20° ± 0.1° C, class 10,000 metrology laboratory. Other laboratories include computer-aided design, manufacturing, and modeling, precision motion systems, precision electro-optical systems, mechatronics, scanned probe microscopes, and instrument development, supported by a precision machine shop and an electronics shop. Laboratories and offices currently occupy over 33,000sq. ft. of the 100,000 sq. ft. in Duke Centennial Hall.  

The capabilities of the Lab include a wide variety of coordinate metrology, surface finish and various traditional dimensional metrology instrumentation. Currently there are five computer controlled coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) in the facility with various touch trigger, scanning, and vision based probing systems. In the area of surface metrology, there are a half-dozen contact and non-contact based instruments to measure two and three dimensional surface finish and form.

There are also a number of dimensional metrology instruments for measuring both form and size including:

API and Renishaw Telescoping Ballbars ASL, Hart Scientific, Keithley Temperature Measurement Systems
Brown & Sharp XCEL 765 CMM Leitz PMM 654 CMM
Lion Precision Machine Tool Spindle Analyzer and Gages Mahr MFU7 Form Measuring Machine
Mahr-Perthen Perthometer PRK Surface Profilometer Manufacturing Laboratories Inc. (MLI) MetalMax system and Harmonizer
Mitutoyo RA 1500 Roundtest Roundness Measuring Instrument Renshaw, HP and Optodyne Laser Metrology Systems
Somicronic Surfascan 3C Starrett CMM
Taylor-Hobson Form TalySurf and TalyStep Profilometers Hart Scientific Temperature Calibration Cells and Bath
Tropel CM 25 Cylindrical Interferometer Veeco Digital Instruments Dimension Metrology AFM
Veeco Wyko RST Scanning White Light Interferometer View Engineering Voyager 12x12 Vison CMM
Werth Inspector 250/400 Vision/Contact CMM Zygo Axiom Interferometer Specialized High Speed
Zygo Mark IV Flatness interferometer Zygo Maxim 3-D Surface interferometer
Zygo newView 5000 Scanning White Light Interferometer Flatness interferometers 
Roundness/cylindricity instruments  ID/OD gage 
Gage block comparator  Gage block interferometer