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Q: What type of space is available to business and research partners on the UNC Charlotte CRI campus?

A:  CRI can provide both wet and dry lab facilities in conjunction with nearby support offices.  Additionally, upon completion of the PORTAL building in January 2014, CRI will possess 25,000sf for business incubator development, 10,000 sensitive compartmented information facility(SCIF) space, and another 1,800sf for general commercial business use.  Lease reservations for space in the PORTAL building can be secured immediately.


Q:  Are there any space requirements for CRI business and research partners?

A:  There is a 150sf minimum space rental agreement requirement for all business and research partners.  There is no maximum square footage rental threshold for partners.  CRI staff will work with prospective partners to determine the best mix of space relative to business and research requirements.


Q:  How do I begin the process of pursuing a lab or office partnership agreement with the Charlotte Research Institute?

A:  Simply contact a CRI representative at 704‑687‑8284 and we will begin to immediately match your business and research needs with our facility availability and, if appropriate, faculty outreach programs through multiple research centers.  You will be invited to the UNC Charlotte campus to meet with CRI representatives and tour our facilities. 


Q: What does PORTAL stand for?

A:  Partnership, Outreach, and Research to Accelerate Learning.


Q: What specifically will be available in the new PORTAL building which is now under construction?

A:  PORTAL is a 96,000sf business and research outreach facility located at the main gateway to the Charlotte Research Institute.  It will contain the following support services and facilities:

  • 10,000sf Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility(SCIF) space with up to 9,000sf of adjacent commercial space
  • 25,000sf business incubator and entrepreneurial business start-up office space including the on-site presence of Ventureprise, Inc which has as its mission to provide a menu of support services to local and regional entrepreneurial ventures
  • An entire top floor dedicated to general commercial business offices offered in varied configurations and sizes
  • 3 story atrium containing generous community gathering areas and small meeting rooms
  • Café serving breakfast and lunch light menu options


Q:  How do I learn more about PORTAL opportunities and pursue a partnership arrangement in that facility?

Contact Mr. Chip Yensan, CRI Associate Director, at 704‑687‑8283 or lyensan@uncc.edu for further information about the PORTAL building.  


Q:  Are all CRI partner facilities on the UNC Charlotte campus?

A:  Most are.  However, CRI partners may seek access to state-of-the-art research facilities located on the North Carolina Research Center in nearby Kannapolis.  


Q:  What is Ventureprise (formally Ben Craig Center)?

A:  Ventureprise, Inc., formally operating as The Ben Craig Center, is a non-profit organization sponsored by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and has strong links to business leaders throughout the vibrant Charlotte region.  Ventureprise serves as the University’s entrepreneurial resource and is fully integrated with the business engagement mission of the Charlotte Research Institute. It is a resource for faculty, researchers, and students seeking to commercialize innovations through new venture formation. The Ben Craig Center, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, was one of the nation’s first university affiliated business incubators. Ventureprise is the natural evolution of the center as a regional resource, offering an expanded services scope such as organizing a regional entrepreneurial event calendar; communicating growth oriented policies; and providing entrepreneurs opportunity evaluations and problem solving discussions, among other services and activities.  Ventureprise, as the portal into UNC Charlotte for early-stage entrepreneurs seeking to leverage university resources, has appropriately relocated its administrative offices and core services to the CRI PORTAL building.  For more information about Ventureprise, Inc., contact Mr. Devin Collins, Assistant Director, at 704‑250‑5753 or devin.collins@uncc.edu.


Q:  What is the NCRC and what is the relationship between that research facility and UNC Charlotte?

A:  The North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC) is a private-public venture created to foster collaboration and further advancements in the fields of biotechnology, nutrition, and health. With intensive planning and development and a $1.5 billion investment by David H. Murdock, NCRC combines university, government, and industry research with cutting-edge equipment to create an environment with all of the right elements to generate and multiply breakthrough science and discovery. In over a million square-feet of state-of-the-art lab and office space, universities and private businesses are testing, exploring and advancing scientific knowledge about plants, fruits, vegetables and the links to disease and good health.  The Charlotte Research Institute has satellite offices located on the second floor of the David H. Murdock Core Laboratory Building. CRI works to facilitate access and collaboration to research, equipment, and facility’s on campus and in the community. UNC Charlotte's Bioinformatics Research Center also is located on the second floor of the David H. Murdock Laboratory. At NCRC, the Bioinformatics Center provides specialized computer systems and software, data management solutions and analysis for academic researchers and biotechnology companies. Contact Mr. Devin Collins, Assistant Director, at 704‑250‑5753 or devin.collins@uncc.edu for further information about the NCRC.


Q:  Are CRI business and research partners required to be UNC Charlotte faculty, staff or students?

A:  While some CRI partners are UNC Charlotte faculty and student research affiliates and entrepreneurs, we also have a number of community members and industry partners utilizing our equipment, facilities and talent.


Q:  Are there differences in the quality and construction of the available CRI partner facilities?

A:  We take great pride in our CRI business and research facilities, and we insure that our partners’ facilities expectations are met or exceeded.  CRI partner spaces are located within UNC Charlotte’s modern state-of-the-art campus research facilities.  Business partners will have access to the exceptional newly constructed PORTAL building beginning January 2014.


Q:  What type of facility access and security is provided for CRI business partners?

A:  We give the highest priority to meeting our partners’ lab and office access and security needs.  All CRI business and research partners are provided 24/7 access to their assigned buildings and individual office and lab spaces.  Assigned offices and labs always remained secured by high quality lock hardware.  Some research and business facilities are equipped with electronic card readers which can be activated upon CRI partner request. While classes are in session, academic buildings on the UNC Charlotte campus are open for general use.  During evenings and weekends most CRI buildings are secured at the main building entrances.  Whether or not a building is open for general use, all CRI labs and offices always remained secured.  Custodial services personnel are permitted access to partner occupant spaces only upon written request.  Because CRI facilities are located on the UNC Charlotte campus, access to all campus facilities – including CRI partner labs and offices - must be granted to the Campus Police or other first responders as required in cases of emergency.    


Q:  Can CRI partner labs and offices be modified or altered upon occupancy?

A:  CRI partner spaces can be modified – within reasonable limits – at the business or research partner’s expense.  We simply ask that our partners pre-approve with us any proposed modification to existing physical space and equipment.  CRI partners are allowed to bring supplemental furnishings and equipment into assigned spaces so long as those supplemental items do not possess any compromise to federal, state, or local building and/or fire codes.


Q:  What is the typical arrangement for CRI partner parking on the UNC Charlotte campus?

A:  CRI partners are given the opportunity to purchase a full time or part time UNC Charlotte parking permit.  Campus parking permits for CRI partners generally provide access to faculty/staff surface lots and parking decks anywhere on campus.  Consult the UNC Charlotte Parking Office website for more information pertaining to parking at UNC Charlotte.


Q:  What nearby commercial and retail services are available to CRI partners?

A:  Our CRI partners have convenient access to all public buildings and support services at UNC Charlotte including multiple retail food venues, the Atkins Library, and the UNC Charlotte Bookstore.  Also, business and research partners located at UNC Charlotte are free to enjoy its beautiful campus grounds.  CRI UNC Charlotte facilities are easily accessible from Route 29 and have convenient access to University City’s commercial and retail venues.


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